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Hi, I’m June Goh, PJM, Founder & CEO of Wealthy Homes @ Hectarworld.


Time flies so fast, Here turn to year 2022. Firstly, thank you everyone for making Wealthy Homes another great year. We are happy to announced that Wealthy Homes achieved RM120 Mil sales & total 223 units SPA signed during year 2021. We take this opportunity to thank you for our agents who put effort & hard work for selling projects such like The Clovers, Quay West, The Stone, The Dew & etc.


Congratulations for these Top 5 Wealthianz for achieved sales during year 2021:

Champion           - Mohamed Zaid (RM14.4 mil)

Top 2                   - Richard Teoh (RM13.5 mil)

Top 3                   - Faith Tan (RM6.8 mil)

Top 4                   - Jasper Khor (RM6.1 mil)

Top 5                   - Nelson Liew (RM5.8 mil)


For year 2022, M/s Hectarworld Realty have several rewards for agents & the purchasers to show cherish for them:

  1. Buy Home Win Car & Great Prizes Campaign (for purchasers);

  2. Drive Your BMW Home (for agents);

  3. Company Incentive Trip (for agents); and

  4. Team Building 2022 Campaign (for agents)


Below are the link Wealthy Homes happening on 2022:

  1. The Penang Power 100 Celebrates Homegrown Success Stories[0]=AT1-9wXroEFGy2JhPYe1SZbcKbT69bUIQcXj2j-9YlEkifxldl_M7_FRwDQBOFOMybUksixxNOpMTpCvMM6CKWdylqV9-RSxTf1W0wJupDowy1va4H4oX-auc8pBxugAMwWhyG-JioDznvWC7vRwFOyFdmOVsS-hCe3djAr8UEZo_RUH9ZSUV2eRRJbrfO0HWaYIGGw


  1. Lion Dance Performance at The Stone & The Dew Sales Gallery


This year have a lot of projects will launching soon, let’s work hard, keep closing cases, achieve more rewards & earn more money as much as you can. Keep our team work & achieve your goals as “Together we grow and glow” Cheers!


May we all be blessed with good health, stay safe & strong, happiness to all of you!! I know this year is going to be our team’s best one yet!


Yours Sincerely,
June Goh, PJM
Founder & CEO of Wealthy Homes @ Hectarworld

+60 12-427 8545

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